Monday, January 10, 2011

Reading with John

This year's all church read is the Gospel according to John, the fourth of the New Testament Gospels.
Since this book is structured with conversations, January and February worship services will explore the conversations we find most compelling.

So, on January 2 I asked everyone to go home, read the book, and let me know which conversations they find particularly interesting, puzzling, or otherwise worth spending time with, promising to collect input on January 9.  Imagine my surprise when tons of folks (well, ok, LOTS) came prepared. Wonderful conversations ensued about passages, versions of the bible-some easier to read than others.

Since conversation is the theme, I'm hoping that this blog will be a platform for sharing those enthusiams and questions with each other.

Use the comment space below to post the passages you'd most like to explore in the Gospel according to John.  This is real need to I can plan worship.  We'll also stir up some viritual conversations and actual ones in small group and stone soup lunch settings.

So far we have one request for John 6 (the bread passages) and two for John 17.  What will you add to the list? (A word of why would also be helpful!)

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