Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eleventh Day of Christmas Present

10+1 + 11 today.

Take a look at Andy Crouch's ten trends of the decade and see if you agree these are the most important factors shaping the context of faith communities. Andy was the keynote speaker at the Glen Workshop I attended in 2009 and an articulate and insightful commentator on the interaction between faith and culture.  I've summed his points up as a more and less list:

more connectivity with real people….less virtual reality.
more becoming rooted where we are….less trying to get somewhere else.
more urban renewal.…less suburban sprawl
more ethnic diversification…less majority concentration.
more polarization….less common political meeting ground
more self shots…..less unselfconsciousness.
more porn and idealized body images…..less certainty about how to reduce it.
more informality….less 
traditional institutional expectations.
more liquidity….less real assets

 more complexity….less easy answers

I'd add this:
more local and global nonprofit activity....less waiting for governments to fix things.

What do you think??? Post your comment and spark conversation!

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