Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Third Advent Candle

The candle of Faith
Third Sunday in Advent
December 12, 2010

Read from your bible:  Psalm 80: 1-7, 17-19

The psalms are poems chanted by Jewish people as they worship.    Even in hard times, they celebrate God’s faithfulness and practice their own faithfulness to God. People sing these words so often they know them by heart.  Jesus grew up singing and knowing them.  Jesus is God’s song of faithfulness made flesh, as a real person.
The words of Psalm 80 may be hard to hear.  They are words of “repentance.”  The people knew they had not been faithful to God.  God still promised to be love and care for them.  That’s not easy when someone you love has hurt you. Can you remember a time when someone hurt you?  Can you remember a time when you did something hurtful to someone else?  We all do hurtful things, sometimes by accident.  Other times we know what we are doing, and do it anyway.  God sent Jesus to help us get past all the hurts between God and us, between us and each other.
We lit our third candle in worship this week with words you can sing or say together now.

As Mary prepares for new life to begin
we trust in your Promise still hidden within.                 
              Transfigure our hearts as from night into day,
that we by our faith may prepare you a way.

As you light the third candle together, say:
                        “Faithful Jesus, we are ready.” 

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