Monday, December 27, 2010

Second Day of Christmas Present

December 27, 2010

Second Day of Christmas present

Winter, and very cold,
and the night at 
its deepest.  The politicians,
as usual, double-tongued.
The town chaotic, teeming
with strangers.
And tonight, as often
in winter, in Bethlehem,
snow is falling.

I always love how each flake,
torn from the sky,
arrives separately,
without sound, almost
unnoticed in
a flurry of others. How
each one (on a clear 
night) lies there glittering
on the swelling breast
of snow, crisp
and intact, as wholly itself
as every radiant star
in a sky sparkling
with galaxies.

How many new 
babies tonight
in Judea, coming
like snowflakes?
But plucked,
dazzling, from the 
eternal heavens,
into time,
tonight is born
The One.

-Luci Shaw, Accompanied by Angels:  Poems of the Incarnation
snowflake photograph by Kenneth G. Libbrecht

(visit for a biblical reflection on this poem)

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