Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Meander In a re-run of the popular drama, “House,” Dr. House’ boss and his best friend conspire to trick him into thinking he was wrong about a diagnosis. They think that if the arrogant genius learns a lesson in humility, he may have an epiphany about his character. Over the centuries, many human messes have been explained as God’s attempt to teach us a lesson. There’s an alternative that seems more in keeping with God’s character; that God works with us to create something wonderful out of the messes we make for ourselves. Christmas is God’s decision to do that in such an odd way that it just might work. By coming in Jesus, God invades the tiniest openings in our human armor sneaking in with a baby’s soft touch and smell, a quiet everyday healing, an outstretched hand offering to be a brother to one who has no family. Could cleaning up the messes we make really be as simple as that? shared this from a favorite poet’s journal last week: I wonder whether it is possible at nearly 60 to change oneself radically. Can I learn to control resentment and hostility, the ambivalence, born somewhere far below the conscious level? If I cannot, I shall lose the person I love. There is nothing to be done but go ahead with life moment by moment and hour by hour---put out birdseed, tidy the rooms, try to create order and peace around me even if I cannot achieve it inside me. Now at 10:30 there is such radiant light outside that the house feels dark. I look through the hall into the cozy room, all in darkness, right through to the window at the end, and a transparent sheaf of golden and green leaves. And here in my study the sunlight is that autumn white, so clear, it calls for an inward act to match it . . . clarify, clarify. ----May Sarton, Journal of a Solitude Redemption comes down to the simple choices we make in moments of clarity. It may be clarity s to the affect our business choices make on others. It may be a choice to notice someone standing alone and invite them into the circle of conversation. The choice may be as simple as investing equal moments practicing what Jesus taught as we enjoy traditions that have sprung up around his birth. If the humble approach works for God, it seems certain to lead to betters things for those made in God’s image. In Joy, Karen Keeping in Touch: *Do you have a neighbor you can call to check in with? Whether it’s to see how they’re making out with the recent snow or just to say hi, make today the day! *Christmas Eve services will be Wednesday at 7:00 PM (Torsey Church-bring a favorite family candle) and 11:00 PM (Jesse Lee Meeting House with the wood stove warming us). *The popular Christmas Carol communion returns December 28 in 10:00 AM worship.

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