Friday, January 13, 2012

Looking in and on

For the next few months this blog is an invitation to look over my shoulder as I get ready to attend 2012 General Conference for the United Methodist Church.  The Interpreter Magazine has a great article outlining the issues and actions that are lining up.  Its alot to try to take in.   There are 15 of us from New England:  5 delegates to GC, 5 delegates to Jurisdictional Conference who are reserves for GC, and 5 reserves for Jurisdictional.
As a reserve delegate to GC, I'll be prinarily a resource person to the 5 delegates from April 23-May 5.  In June, the 10 of us will become the Jurisdictional Conference delegation. (more on what happens there later).
General Conference is the only official authority of the greater United Methodist Church.  No one else can speak for the denomination or act on its behalf without GF authorization.  No one person is in charge.  Its a crazy, highly structured, full of surprises, organic movement that's been going on since 1784.
pen & ink by Gloria White
The church I serve, Readfield UMC in central Maine, is the descendent of 5 earlier congregations founded by Jesse Lee beginning in 1793.  So we've been at this almost as many years as the denomination.
Use the comments box to add your questions or observations as we share this journey. It's an exciting time with lots of changes in the air!

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