Saturday, August 27, 2011

Calm before the storm 
Today is probably not the first time most of us mid-Mainers have experieced the calm before the storm.  While the ariways are already raging with pictures and projections of Hurricane Irene's impact, we sit under a hazy sky blanket in reasonably cool air, puttering at normal Saturday activities:  yard work, art shows, funerals..... that intersect with preparations for what may come.

I think about what my island of calm is and whether its one that will carry me through a storm as well as being there on the other side.

Yesterday, as part of the General Conference Delegation's worship, We Hyun Chang asked us to contemplate "what is saving you?"  Hearing it in the first tense, rather than past or future, reframes the notion.  What is life-giving in our life, our community, or our world?  For me, its emerging partners in ministry and art.   What is saving you?  What is saving us?
Preparing for a hurricane is a good time to remember how saving the physical body of Christ is.  I've been checking in with beloved seasonal residents today, seeing where a hand might help. Others are calling older community residents or those who live independently and might could use some neighborly partnering.
In all things, God is a present island of inspiration and energy, our calm in the storm.

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