Monday, April 25, 2011

Holy Humor Sunday

He is risen!
photo by Tina Phillips
Worship this coming Sunday will be a celebration of holy humor. Can you imagine Jesus' delight in the world of smiles and smells after three days of sensory deprivation?  This Sunday we'll share simple heart lifting joy in living.  Please bring a favorite knock-knock joke for the passing of the peace and a whoopie pie in your choice of flavors for a fun fellowship potluck of flavors!  
Those who live in grace are freed from the necessity of taking themselves, their circumstances, their morality and opinions, their piety and beliefs, too seriously. They are free to laugh and play as children of God. As important as repentance is, we are not saved by our much weeping, any more than we are saved by acts of penitence. And the expression of salvation freely given and received is not weeping but laughter, or at least a weeping become laughter. Laughter and lightheartedness, at their fullest and freest, are the gift of divine grace.  -Conrad HyersAnd God Created Laughter

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