Wednesday, October 27, 2010


UM Pastor Steve Garnass Holmes shares daily creative engagement with lectionary scripture via  Today's is an expecially perceptive view from the wee man's tree.  Did you ever meet Zacheus in Sunday School?  Check out his story and see if he's grown up!  (Luke 19).

You've got me treed,
held in the cross-hairs
of your sharpshooter grace
up here with all my complications,
trapped among these anxious limbs
(we hold each other nervously).
I just wanted to peek,
to keep my distance,
observe and play it safe—
but now you've named me,
nailed me
(I could just die)—
and there is no way to save myself
from this tree of my undoing
(I could just fall)
but through you,
through your grave command,
your invitation
to become the host
in breaking bread
(still clinging, white-knuckled)
where I will recognize myself at last,
at last let go,
and rise from the table
into a spacious place,
a future I can't imagine
until it cuts me loose.
- Steve Garnaas Holmes

(image by William Hole)

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