Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We're Ba-ack!!!

We're back from this year's annual conference, inspired, refreshed (after catching up with some sleep) and full of ideas competing for attention.  Where to start, where to start....
Well, right here of course!  On July 5th I'll start my tenth year of ministry with the folks of Readfield UMC.  There are different faces than there were then. We've said good bye to Freda, Bob, Bill, Fred, and many others.  Friends have
 moved on to new places and pursuits (What is Alan  Lake up to out there in Arizona these
 days? And how's Melinda doing over at Kent's Hill School's office?)  There are different challenges than there were then.  Remember when we looked out and wondered whether we'd ever get a mission trip up and running?  In 2010 there will be three adult/youth ventures to Louisiana and another to Kaoma, Zambia. 
Right here is where we'll seek and serve Christ this year, right here- wherever we each find ourselves:  in homes and schools, Sunday school rooms and choir rehearsals, the food pantry, the Gulf, Kaoma.  Here we are.  Jesus has prepared the way and ministry is waiting.
This year its my goal to invite guest bloggers to share their "where we are" stories with us.  Meanwhile, here's a sneak peak at where Jeff found himself during the preparations for Annual Conference....designing and building a book for living gospel storytellers to walk out of.  What story of God's grace will you carry from here?

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