Saturday, May 16, 2009

Easter's just begun

A jewel green humming bird flew in my open car window early Thursday morning.  (It flew right out again).  The lovely brown mare in the field behind the Parsonage dropped a foal when no one was looking Thursday night.  (The vet said that afternoon she had "hay belly").  What's going on?
On Tuesday the study group read about Thomas surprise visit from the walking, talking, un-lockable Jesus.  What is going on?
Last Thursday, as I entered the hospital to pay a visit, I passed one of our newer worshipers joyously witnessing to a friend about her new found faith and community.  What is going on?
Several people have remarked that the church voice mail message still welcomes all to Easter worship. Isn't Easter over?  Hmmmm, perhaps its just getting started.
Easter can cause push-back.
Why was that upper room locked even after Jesus had visited the other disciples a week ago?
Do we walk faster to avoid awkwardly public witness?
Should I roll up my window to keep the humming birds out?
(For the foal, I offer no defense, only delight as it bounds about the paddock.)
Spring delights can open our eyes wide enough for other wonders to enter.
But Easter isn't just a pretty spring phenomenon.  Its God's way of saying, I am doing a really really really new thing.  
This thing of love, this thing of grace isn't over in a day.  It isn't containable, isn't control-able, isn't even (ultimately) avoidable.  Rumi says, "I don't care what you say.  Jesus is here and he wants to raise someone from the dead."
What unimaginable place do you long to see Christ love enter?  Is in your life, someone you love, a place you've only read about in the news?  Share it in a comment (below) and let us roll down the window in prayer with you this week.

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