Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mid Week Meander-Seconds

I'm being more diligent with my seconds this winter: ...eliminating second helpings unless it's salad, ...taking care of my Christmas amaryllis so that it will, hopefully, bloom again, ...tossing table scraps into the worm farm. An obituary in Sunday's New York TImes reminded me of how important "seconds" are in leadership. In a culture that cultivates "first," seconds are actually the people who get most of the work done, responding to vision put out there by more visible leaders. The article was about a woman I'd never heard of before, though her father was one of the most famous world leaders of his day. HER name was Rhena Schweitzer Miller. Rhena Sweitzer Miller was the director of the hospital her parents opened in a chicken coop in Gabon's rain forest; the wife of a skilled heart specialist, and the mother of three. IN the 1960s, she opened her home to Ibo children when there was no longer room for them in the overflowing hospital. She told the New York Times that the children had to sleep two to each bed, but "They have beautiful foam mattresses from the United States, and a staff member has been painting children's drawings on the cots." HIstory holds onto names of the "firsts," but much of God's kingdom work is down by "seconds," not second in quality or potential, but second because they are behind the scenes. And in fact, Jesus paid special attention to the need for those who would lead to put themselves "behind," in line. Many of the voices worth attending to in Lent's scripture work behind the scenes where their names may never be on the front page. But Christ knows them and knows their worth. (BTW, Do you know who Rhena's father was? post your comment!) Keeping in Touch... In order to be wise stewards of the congregation's financial resources, your Finance team now makes property and health insurance as well as pension payments automatically. This saves us over $2,000 a year, but also requires fiscal discipline to have the money in checking for withdrawal each month. In the winter, when energy costs are highest, it is difficult to do this and make payroll. Please help us by keeping as current as you can with your contributions to the "household account," our operating budget. If you find your financial situation changing, please don't be shy about letting Melissa Emerson (Finance Secretary) or Karen Munson know. Pennies matter in small church planning! Come be blessed in worship this week by the ministry of Rev. Russ Peppe, and by Peter's view of the cross. Diane Folks will host a traditional Fellowship Time this week. Please keep in prayer: *The UMVIM teams to Dulac and Slidell, LA as we travel and begin our work. *Mill workers affected by shut downs this week. *The United Methodist movement's effort to minister in the current economic climate, with those enlivened by Christ, and to those who need it most. *All seeking a new vision of community. In the Joy of Serving Christ with You, Rev. M

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